Rachel Spain Yoga and Pilates

Anne from Muswell Hill says

" You're exhausted, you're stressed, you just want to sit & veg on the sofa, but you make it to Rachel Spain's lovely Yoga - Beginning to chill the minute you walk through the door: mellow music and Rachel's warm, lighthearted welcome and clear voice leading you into soft, relaxing stretches on the mat; then following her highly skilled example and measured instructions through the powerfully invigorating, energising Vinyasa Flow; back to a calming cool down... Releasing deep seated tensions, rediscovering your wise self and inner strength and flexiblity... leaving refreshed in body and soul... After Rachel's Vinyasa Flow Yoga I feel realigned, energetic and experience a deep sense of calm and clarity - great stuff! "


Julia from Muswell Hill says

" Yoga with Rachel is amazing, it helps me refocus my life. From the mantra she reads out at the beginning to the dynamic yoga that follows. I'm always pushed with new positions and I come away feeling re-energised and ready to face the next challenge. I've also started eating healthier and have gained core strength which I never had even after trying many different types of exercise. The music is excellent with a mix of modern and Indian tunes, it really helps with focus and breath work."


Bettina from Muswell Hill says

" I spent most of my working day sitting in front of a computer and noticed that at the end of each day my lower back stiffened up that I sometimes was even struggling to take off my shoes. When my GP simply explained that most people struggle with back pain at my age and described some pain killers I decided to try a different route. I joined Rachel’s Pilates classes and after only having attended a couple of lessons I could feel a first improvement in my mobility. A year later my constant back pain is a faint memory and my overall flexibility and stamina has improved that much that I now joined her Yoga classes as well. Rachel’s thorough and knowledgeable instructions creating a safe and relaxing atmosphere soothing your body and mind alike....’ "


Georgia from Muswell Hill says

" I spend my days crouched over my laptop working, which has led to me constantly having backache, sore shoulders or a pulled muscle in my neck. After years of treatments by various osteopaths, my back problem seems to go for a few weeks and then return, worse. I started Rachel's Pilates class in the hope that it would help... and it has. Going to Rachel's class weekly means that not only is my back a lot better, but if I have a problem, I know how to safely stretch it out to soothe it and a pilates class quickly aids it. Rachel's classes are not intimidating and there is no pressure if you want to take it a little slower some weeks. The classes are relaxing and the perfect way to de-stress. Oh.... and my core muscles are getting stronger as well! "


Frances from Muswell Hill says

" Rachel's yoga class is quite simply amazing. By the end any niggling aches and pains have faded away and tension in the mind as well as the body is released. I always walk out feeling like a different person! "


Esther from Southgate says

"I began attending Rachel's classes in April 2012. I am a retired over 60, and decided to learn pilates after injuring my back in November. I found Rachel's approach both friendly and encouraging for someone who had never ever really been into exercise. The music to her lessons both soothes and encourages those muscles to stretch and work in ways they never thought they ever would. I am now in best shape I have been in years and have even persuaded my husband to attend classes. Rachel is hard working and dedicated to her teaching, and her unfailing good humour is motivational and infectious. She will persuade you to get off that sofa and stretch your way to a new body, without noticing you are actually doing a full workout each lesson!" "


Sarah from Muswell Hill says

"Rachel's pilates class on a Tuesday night is an oasis in my week. I go in stiff and achey and leave feeling wonderfully stretched, warm and loose. "


Simone from Muswell Hill says

" I have been attending Rachel's Pilates for about 3 years now and all I can say is she is fabulous!! I had a bad back and weak stomach muscles after 3 births - Rachel's classes have really helped! I feel so much stronger and have had no serious back pain since starting Pilates. Rachel is inspiring and professional, and her classes are fun too. I would highly recommend them to anyone. "


Lynda from Muswell Hill says

" Rachel's classes, both Pilates and Yoga, have the most amazing quality of harmonious energy flow which carries you right through the class and leaves you feeling spiritually uplifted and deeply relaxed at the end, as well as feeling you have exercised your whole body and worked really hard - the perfect combination. "


Caroline from East Barnet says

" I have been attending Rachel’s yoga and Pilates classes for about 2 years now and couldn’t do without them! Vinyasa flow yoga in particular is very challenging but I feel I am in good hands with Rachel; she gets to know all her attendees’ individual strengths and weaknesses. I trust her skill and experience, and her encouragement gives me confidence to try new poses and stretch myself that little but further. I look forward to her classes not just for the physical and mental wellbeing they bring me, but for the camaraderie and good fun had by all! She’s a great gal! "


Maria from Friern Barnet says

" I was looking to do pilates and yoga for a couple of months. When I came across the site of Rachel Spain I decided to give it a go, and will never regret it. I have been doing this for the past 3-4 months and all I can say is that the classes are absolutely amazing. I had a problem with my knees and because i was looked after by Rachel i can now say that i rarely get those pains.I was told by a coleague of mine that in order to enjoy the classes you need to like the teacher; and i can assure anyone that tries it out here with Rachel they will love the teacher! If you were to consider doing any of the 2 classes I would recomend you to try Rachel's classes as she is a wonderful person that will pay attention to you at any time but especially if you are new, she makes sure you are comfortable with the environment. "


Ruth a sports massage therapist says

" I have been taking Rachel's classes for a year now and I can't imagine life without yoga! The improvement I have made to my upper body strength in particular in the friendly, accepting atmosphere she creates is really something I'm delighted with. There is just enough momentum to make me push myself to achieve more each week, but never any pressure to do so. I'm really surprised by how much the classes have improved my general well-being as well as my physical strength. I have taken other classes previously but never found a more positive practice than with Rachel. "


Maria from Hendon says

"I have been going to Rachel's Pilates classes for years and I absolutely adore them. Rachel's teaching technique is precise and detailed, yet flowy with the most beautiful and relaxing music that she plays to accompany her creative and fuid sequence of exercises that would never leave you feeling like you're a stuck in a routine. Rachel explains the exercises in a clear and detailed way so you know what you should be doing and feeling during the exercise. Her classes are cleverly balanced between stretching with relaxation and a good amount of hard work; it's a good workout that would never leave you achy the next day! I know I'm in safe hands during her classes and I love her gentle hand-on adjustments. I'm an office worker and have been suffering from a lower back pain for a long time. Rachel's classes helped me to correct my posture, relieve my stiff back and shoulders and strenghten my core muscles to protect my weak lower back. What's more, I managed to squeeze some of the exercises that I learnt from Rachel into my every day routine to stretch my spine and stiff body and this has made a huge difference to my every day well-being. I always leave Rachel's classes feeling refreshed, calm and happy and look forward to the next session. "


Gordon from Oakwood says

" My back problems have been cured after participating in Rachels classes for last couple years. My other interest is golf and Rachel’s class definitely improves my flexibility and core strength which is very important for golf. Rachel is a enthusiastic and pleasant class tutor who demonstrates and teaches Pilates, constantly checking and correcting on a individual basis ones technique within a balanced and carefully planned program. What more can one ask for in a Pilates class? "


Sheila from Oakwood says

"I think that Rachel gives gentle and consistent positive support in her lessons so that I found myself gradually achieving a little more each time. I also became conscious of improvements in my deportment outside the lessons. She provides the non-judgemental encouragement necessary to enable those with less confidence and fitness to persevere. Thank you Rachel. "


Jo from Muswell Hill says

"I regularly practice Pilates with some amazing teachers but Rachel is by far the best I have had. Her classes flow beautifully and always make me feel both relaxed and energised, which is a lovely combination. "


Eva from Muswell Hill says

"I started going to Rachel's pilates class after having my second child. I suffered from a really bad back at the time and the pain would keep me awake at night. After each pilates session my pain was drastically reduced and kept me going nearly all week til the next class. I still go now whenever I can and I feel straighter, stronger and lighter after each class. It has helped me to get back into more aerobic exercise without injury and my fitness is increasing all the time. Rachel's teaching style is friendly, non-competitive, gentle yet challenging, and I really enjoy the music" "


Sian from Muswell Hill says

“Since attending Rachel’s yoga and pilates classes i have noticed a real difference. I’ve toned up and my tummy muscles are stronger. I had a rotated pelvis and upper spine since having 2 children. Both areas have since realigned and my back feels strong and flexible. I really look forward to both classes each week and Rachel’s calm, friendly encouragement means you always leave feeling you have achieved something"

Deana from Muswell Hill says

"I joined Rachel's classes seven months ago, in poor shape physically and recovering from a back injury, and I'm so impressed by how much my strength, flexibility and posture have improved and significantly reduced my back pain"

"I consider myself very lucky to be taught yoga and Pilates by Rachel as I know her teaching delivers results. Rachel clearly puts a lot of thought into her classes to make them varied and challenging, and her enthusiasm to help people improve makes her an inspiring teacher"

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