Rachel Spain Yoga and Pilates


I am a yoga teacher/student sharing these precious sacred teachings to those that wish to receive. Fully dedicated and immersed in the practice for the last 10 years I continue to evolve and refine with deep gratitude to be on this wonderful, life enriching path.  

Join me for a retreat, workshop or private session in Ibiza or the UK.

Allow me to assist you to access your inner guru/ light/wisdom and reach your highest potential. Live life fully NOW with Presence, Gratitude & Grace 

 "Change is the only permanent thing in this universe. Whether you perceive it to be good or bad, don't be afraid of it. Instead, accept and welcome it with open arms, flexibility and strength....... then it will flow more gracefully through you, rather than forcefully at you. If you are not evolving you are stuck. Yoga shifts everything......if you practice.....you must  practice regularly and consistently..... with no expectation, comparison or judgement and you must practice, here and NOW" 

Live, love, breathe life……




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