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A Sattva Yoga Journey

Recharge, Re-set & Relax

Sunday 18th August


One Yoga London

15 Myddelton Rd, Hornsey, London N8 7PY

Fresh back from India, full of inspiration and bursting to share these teachings with you, I am super excited to deliver my first 'Sattva Yoga Journey' to you lovely London yogis. A fully integrated practice including Asana (yoga postures) Pranayama (breathwork) Kriya (Energy activation) and Meditation (deep inward focus)

All levels of experience welcome. Expect welcoming warm vibes, chanting, challenging practice within 'your' boundaries, gentle encouragement to stretch those boundaries, intention setting, mantra,inspiring music.......leave feeling calm, grounded and energised.

Only 12 spaces available

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Intention and Motivation Yoga Workshops

Saturday 19th January
Sunday 20th January (2.15-4.15pm)
The Lab Spa in Muswell Hill.
Saturday will take a strong and steady Vinyasa Flow vibe whilst Sunday will be a Slow Flow and Restorative session.
Both classes will include a meditation where we will delve in deep and ask the Higher Self for assistance and guidance through the next stages of our practice and life. It may be a good time to update, adjust and adapt personal intentions ( or new year resolutions if you made them) to help us through any challenges, blocks or procrastination that may have risen from possibly placing too much pressure and expectation on oneself, which is very common at this time of the year!
Join me to go deep through the powerful practices of asana, pranayama, meditation, intention, mantra and deep relaxation.
Accept and Let Go, Re-set and Motivate, Be Gracious and Grateful.
Hope you can join me.

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Autumn Rainbow Flow

Saturday 13th October
The Lab Spa
Muswell Hill London N10

Cost- £25

Book here via PayPal or email here to book by bank transfer

Join me for this bright, flowing vinyasa sequence to fine tune each of the seven energy centres or chakras. Chakras are like batteries for our bodies and each centre relates to a different part of the body, feeling/emotion and aspect of life. Our chakras can become depleted or over charged, especially through transitional periods, such as Summer to Autumn to Winter. This practice is designed to generate warmth and glow from the inside out and bring the chakra system back into perfect balance through asana sequences, pranayama, affirmation and chanting associated with each chakra. And as always, uplifting and inspiring music will carry us through the session.

All levels welcome- though advanced postures are offered each yogi is invited to work within their own boundaries and rest whenever needed with no pressure to “perform” every asana.

All equipment provided at the venue but please feel free to bring your own mat if you prefer.

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Sunny Summer Vibes Yoga Workshop

Sunday 26th August


This session will be held at the beautiful Lab Spa in Muswell Hill.


The class will consist of a smooth flowing asana sequence to stretch, strengthen and warm the body preparing for some longer held restorative postures leading into meditation and finishing with a sweet savasana.

A super soothing way to spend a Sunday afternoon

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June/July 2018

Courage and Compassion

Saturday 30th June


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Sunday 1st July


Slow Flow, Restorative and Meditation


Venue-The Lab Spa, Muswell Hill, London

Price- 20 for 1 session 35 for both


The focus for this weekend will be Courage and Compassion on and off the mat. 

These two significant qualities relate with the Manipura (navel) and Anahata chakras respectively.
On Saturday we will explore the two chakras through a Flowing Vinyasa sequence and Sunday will take on a more restorative and meditative feel. Both sessions will connect to the two energy centres of fire (manipura) and air (anahata) not only through the beautiful dance of asana but also with a deep awareness of transitions and breath whist immersed in asana. We will create personal affirmations for each chakra, set intention for on and off the mat, use visualisation in meditation and all this accompanied by inspiring music. My objective is to guide you in building a bridge between the navel chakra, centre of self and heart chakra, centre of love. Developing courage, confidence and self belief better equips us to offer out whole hearted love, compassion and joy to others. Self care leading to selfless action.
You don’t need to attend both sessions but of course I would love it if you could.

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April 2018

Dance Your Asana
Saturday 28th April
Fluid & flowing, strong & graceful this class will bring beautiful Vinyasa Flow sequences to build heat, strength, flexibility and lift your spirit as we dance our asana on the mat. This will be a challenging session but open to all levels as there is an abundance of adaptions and plenty of ‘rest time’ on offer throughout. Make the practice your own and work within Your comfortable boundaries, with the possibility of stretching those boundaries if you feel up to it on the day. The music will be top notch so if you want to come and simply listen, dance and soak up the positive happy vibes, that’s cool too :-)

Yoga Conditioning & Deep Stretch
Sunday 29th April
Often in our practice we hit a wall with certain asanas due to lack of strength and flexibility in specific areas of the body. During the continuous movement of a Vinyasa class there is a lot going on so it can be difficult to focus fully on engaging certain muscles effectively that we require to stabilise and support our bodies. In the first hour of this session we will work on correct alignment and posture, core activation, shoulder stabilisation, strengthening exercises for legs, arms and abs and we will apply this to Surya Namaskar (sun salutations).
The second hour we will stretch out those tight spots, explore correct alignment and posture within the stretch and also utilise the breath to help release and unravel deep holds in muscle fibres and fascia.
We will close up with a sweet savasana.
I hope for you to leave feeling super energised, super strong and released of any unwanted tension physically and mentally after this session.

Venue- The Lab Spa, Muswell Hill, London, N10

1 session-£20

2 sessions-£35

to book click here

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March 2018

Saturday 24th
Vinyasa Flow Session

Sunday 25th
Slow Flow and Restorative

Theme- The Niyamas 
Venue-The Lab Spa -Muswell Hill-London
Investment-1 session £20 or both sessions £35
Email here to book a space

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February 2018

Saturday 24th 


 Vinyasa Flow Session

Sunday 25th 


 Slow Flow and Restorative

Theme- The Yamas (Yoga ethics from Patanjalis yoga sutras)

Venue-The Lab Spa -Muswell Hill-London

Investment-1 session £20 or both sessions £35

Email rachelwake@me.com to book a space

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December 2017

Saturday 30th December


Vinyasa Flow Vibes

This beautiful chakra balancing vinyasa flow session will be the perfect antidote after the inevitable Christmas indulgence!  The session will include a super stretchy and detoxifying asana sequence to inspiring music, pranayama and meditation practice and we will set our intentions for the New Year ahead.



Venue- The Lab Spa, Muswell Hill, London

TO BOOK EMAIL info@rachelyogaandpilates.com

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November 2017

Saturday 18th November 

Vinyasa Flow Vibes
Sunday 19th November 

Slow Flow & Restorative

Focus - Satya 💚

Satya is truthfulness.
We come together in these sessions on the yoga mat in "Satsang" ( a gathering of true people)
To practice Satya not only on the mat but in our everyday lives we must try to speak, think and act truthfully in a way that causes no harm but does some good to other beings and to our planet.
Being mindful of the power our words, thoughts and actions can have on others can begin to teach us how to live a more truthful and compassionate life ..thus creating a positive karmic path for ourselves and those around us.
Saturdays session will be an up beat challenging Vinyasa Flow dance with plenty of adaptions and alternatives for all levels. Sunday we will take a beautiful slow flow sequence that will lead us in to longer held asanas moving us deep and allowing us to let go of unwanted tensions in body and mind.
Cost-£20 for 1 class £35 for both.
Venue- The Lab Spa, Muswell Hill, London

Email info@rachelyogaandpilates.com to book your space.

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October 2017

Saturday 7th October
White Wolf Yoga



Connect with your breath- A Vinyasa Flow Workshop
Rachel Spain

In this workshop we will be focusing on breath or pranayama within a Vinyasa Flow class. 
We will learn pranayama exercises to energise, focus and calm the mind and there will be a beautiful flowing asana sequence that will synchronise movement and breath into a dance on the mat.
The importance of conscious breath in yoga is mountainous because without this connection the asana is just simply an exercise class. The joining of breath to asana is what makes it yoga and this is what brings on that magical effect we feel after a session. Deep conscious breath helps to calm the mind, clears out the chitter chatter, reduces anxiety, releases tension in the muscles, it is detoxifying and cleansing for the internal organs, strengthens the cardiovascular system, increases energy and makes you feel good! We spend a lot of time in shallow breath due to busy hectic life styles this eventually leads to stress, anxiety and burn out. 
Come and connect with your breath, tap into the depth, rhythm, steadiness and release of conscious breathing that will help you find balance, health and happiness in every day life.
To book email- info@rachelyogaandpilates.com

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September 2017

Dance your Asana
Saturday 23rd September

A beautifully choreographed Asana sequence that will guide from posture to posture seamlessly with attention to moving gracefully through the transitions. Expect some challenges, if you choose to take them, plenty of alternatives/adaptions to take when needed and positive happy vibes all around. All accompanied by inspiring music as always.
The intention of this practice is to find balance in grace and steadiness through the wonderful physical yoga practice of Asana. So come dance with me 🙏🏻❤️

Ahimsa- The No 1 Yama 🙏🏻🕉
Sunday 24th September

This session will be a slow flow to warm through and prepare for deeper, restorative, supported asanas that will be held for a longer period of time with the use of yoga props.
Through this deep, healing, energising session we will explore an important part of the yogic philosophy taken from Patanjalis Yoga Sutras.
We will be focusing on and learning about the first of the five Yamas ( yoga restraints). Patanjali gives us eight limbs or eight steps to reach the state of yoga. The Yamas are the first step and act as our yoga ethics.Ahimsa is the first of the five Yamas.
Possibly the most important practice that all other yoga practices stem back to is Non violence -Ahimsa.
Learn how to apply this into your practice, everyday life, relationships, thoughts and general being.
A truly cleansing and life changing part of our yoga journey happens when we live an Ahimsic life.
I wish for this session to leave you feeling calm, peaceful and full of compassion.

To book one or both sessions email me info@rachelyogaandpilates.com
£20 for one session
£35 for both sessions

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July 15th 2017

"Sunny Summer Vibes Vinyasa Flow"
A Yoga Workshop in London

The LabSpa, Muswell Hill, N10


A slow, grounding and flowing yoga class embracing the summer heat. 

Find the rhythm of your breath and synchronise it with the asana sequence created to some inspiring Summer tunes.
We will work with the summer heat to move deeper into our flexibility whilst maintaining alert awareness of our stability and allowing internal heat to build calmly whilst aiding the detoxifying process.
Expect a yummy deep stretch and dancey flow session that will leave you feeling revitalised, calm and content.
Happy summer vibes all round.
Hope to see you on the mat.

Price £20

Mats provided.

All levels welcome.

Booking details at- 

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May 2017 

Two Yoga Workshops in London

Pure Asana- A Vinyasa Flow Yoga Workshop
Rachel Spain
Saturday 13th May
@ The Lab Spa Muswell Hill, London N10
This workshop will focus purely on Asana, the physical practice of yoga and the second limb in Patanjalis Eight Limbs of Yoga. Asana means seat and refers to the postures we perform in yoga .This class will cover many asanas through beautiful, flowing sequences along to inspiring music. You will be lead through a thorough warm up of sun salutations/surya namaskar into some strong grounding standing sequences through to deep detoxifying twists, energising backbends, juicy hip openers and the option to try arm balances and inversions. Finishing up with seated work and a sweet savasana/relaxation. Yogis/Yoginis are invited to work at their level and take alternatives or adaptions when necessary.
The class will definitely bring in some challenges but the rewards will be well worth the hard work. You’ll leave this class feeling energised, relaxed and proud of yourself.
Expect to move ( a lot) sweat, laugh and learn some new sequences.

Look forward to dancing on the mat with you.

Bookings at info@rachelyogaandpilates.com

Connect with your breath- A Vinyasa Flow Workshop

Rachel Spain

Sunday 14th May
@ The Lab Spa, Muswell Hill, London N10

In this workshop we will be focusing on the breath.
We will learn pranayama techniques for energising, focus and calming the mind. We will also learn how to synchronise the movement and the breath in a Vinyasa Flow practice catered for all levels.
The importance of the breath in yoga is mountainous because without the breath the asana is just an exercise class. The connection of the breath to the asana is what makes it yoga and this is what brings on that magical effect we feel after a yoga session. Deep conscious breath helps to calm the mind, clears out the chitter chatter, reduces anxiety, releases tension in the muscles, it is detoxifying and cleansing for the internal organs, strengthens the cardiovascular system, increases energy and makes you feel good! We spend a lot of time in shallow breath due to busy hectic life styles this eventually leads to stress, anxiety and burn out.
Come and connect with your breath and find balance, health and happiness at any time in your life.
Look forward to breathing on the mat with you.

Bookings at info@rachelyogaandpilates.com

Book both workshops and get the discounted rate of £35 :)

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Chakra Flow & Balance 

Yoga Workshop


Rachel Spain
White Wolf Yoga & Kitchen
Liverpool City Centre

Saturday 11th March 2017

12.00-2.30pm and 3.30-5.00pm

This workshop will take you on a journey through the chakra system, delving deep and exploring the way these colourful energy centres affect our physical, mental and spiritual well being.
We will incorporate chakra focus into a beautiful, graceful vinyasa flow sequence and learn affirmations for each chakra whilst absorbing inspiring readings along the way all these exercises helping us towards feeling balanced and content.
The first session will focus on the first 5 chakras from the root to the throat and will be a physical asana sequence with adaptions to accommodate all levels. The second session will focus on the upper two chakras moving deeper into a restorative feel with meditation and relaxation.
Ideally for the whole experience both sessions should be attended but there is also an option to take just one of the sessions.
There will be an hour break in between sessions for a delicious super healthy lunch that can be pre ordered from the amazing White Wolf Kitchen.

All levels are welcome as previously said adaptions and alternatives are always offered. Please let Rachel know of any injuries or health issues in advance by email.

If you have any questions or would like to book please email Rachel on info@rachelyogaandpilates.com

*Booking is required as spaces are limited

Vinyasa Flow Session 12.00-14.30 £25
Restorative/Meditation Session 15.30-17.00pm £15
Both Sessions £35

For full info no our teacher Rachel check out her website here

More info on White Wolf Yoga and Kitchen here

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Two Yoga workshops coming up in London January 2017!

Get grounded, creative and confident.

Saturday 21st January 2017
The Lab, Muswell Hill
Price £20

This workshop will focus on the lower 3 chakras. Mooladhara the root chakra to ground and steady, Swadhisthana the sacral chakra to increase creative flow and Manipura the navel chakra to boost confidence and energise. We will learn about the characteristics and qualities of each enrergy centre and practice beautiful flowing asana, pranayama and meditation to stimulate and balance each chakra. A great way to kick start 2017!

For bookings please email info@rachelyogaandpilates.com
(Spaces are limited so booking is necessary and fee is non refundable unless cancellation is received via email 14 days prior to workshop date)

Get your Flow On

Sunday 22nd January 2017

The Lab Spa Muswell Hill

Price- £20

Join me for this beautiful, flowing yoga class, focusing on the dance and elegance of movement in vinyasa flow yoga.
In our asana practice we often fixate on the final pose and the journey there gets overlooked, rushed and becomes jerky and awkward.
We will look at the all important transitions from posture to posture and learn to feel the grace of each movement synchronised with the breath, bringing fluidity and grace to our practice. We will learn a short sequence that will build through the class and be “performed” to some inspiring music.
The fluid, flowing sequence will be balanced out with some strong grounding postures, inversion practice and meditation into a sweet savasana.

For booking info please email -info@rachelyogaandpilates.com
(Spaces limited so booking is required and fee is non refundable unless cancellation is received via email 14 days prior to workshop date).


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