dōTERRA Essential Oils

I've used essential oils for the last twenty years but rather ignorantly only using them as perfumes and massage oils, with little knowledge of the huge medicinal and life enhancing qualities these little bottles of oils can offer us.

Since becoming a wellness advocate for dōTERRA my experience and knowledge of these oils has expanded rapidly and extensively and I now use the oils everyday to support my health and wellbeing, physically and emotionally.

I have had astounding results in improving and strengthening my depleted immune system, aiding my respiratory and digestive systems whilst also enhancing meditation practice. Although I was already a healthy vegan, daily yoga practitioner and regularly exercised, I felt something was missing and that I wasn't feeling as good as I should. I believe these wonderful oils were the missing link to realising and gaining my ultimate health goals. At 46 I've never felt better, energetically, emotionally and physically.I feel compelled to promote this healthy balanced lifestyle of plant based diet, regular exercise, meditation and also, the big often overlooked area, of replacing conventional often toxic products, in beauty regimes, medicine cupboards and household cleaning products. To reduce toxic exposure with natural plant medicines and solutions can have a profound and incredible effect on our general health.

dōTERRA means Gift of the Earth. If you would like to learn more about these life changing 'pure therapeutic grade' oils then please get in touch. I offer one to one consultations online or in person and I also run classes and workshops, sometimes combined with yoga and meditation. There is also the option to host a class, this entails you providing a space, maybe in your home or work place, inviting some friends that may be interested in learning how the oils can support their health..... and I will do the rest. As a host you will receive a gift from me too!

Please email me here if you would like to arrange a consultation or if you have any questions.

To invest in dōTERRA oils and products I highly recommend you set up a wholesale account to receive a whopping 25% discount. I can help you do this or you can follow the link below to set up your own account. Or, you can buy the oils at retail price (not recommended). I also highly recommend we have a consultation first so that we can talk through the best options for you and ensure you purchase the appropriate oils to support your health needs for the best price.

You can also read here a little bit about my first experience with lemon oil, a monumental moment that totally changed my outlook on essential oils forever.


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