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Rachel Spain Yoga- Monthly Packages

Monthly Packages

Deepen your yoga knowledge and find a consistent practice in the comfort of your own home at the times that work for you.

Monthly packages are designed to help you improve and progress your practice safely and effectively with a different theme each month to guide you on your journey to reaching your highest potential.

 Basic  package includes-

• 1 x Sattva Flow Class- 45mins

• 1 x Sattva Restorative Class-30mins

• 1 xMeditation- 15mins

• 1 x Kriya/Pranayama Set - 20mins

• 1 x Tutorial- 10mins

Deluxe package extras-

• Health & Wellness Tip or Recipe of the Month

• Free access to Live Sattva Saturday Zoom Class (plus a months access to the class post live class)

Super Deluxe package extras-

•dōTERRA pure grade essential oils 5ml rollerball to enhance the practice and your overall wellbeing plus a 30 minute one to one wellness consultation.

Full Details

Each monthly package will be available to purchase in The Yoga Store

Choose from the basic, deluxe or super deluxe package. See extras in the deluxe packages above. 

Once you have purchased your monthly package you will receive a special link that will take you to a private members page where you will need to enter a secret password to access all the pre recorded videos.

Each month follows a different theme and the sessions are designed to cover all aspects of your yoga practice whilst integrating the theme of the month.

Sattva Flow Class- a 45 minute integrated practice including breath work, energy work and a flowing posture sequence.

Suggested- practice 2 times per week

 Sattva Restorative Class a slower class with longer held postures to really go in deep and release tension and tightness deep in the body

Suggested-practice 2 times per week

Meditation focus inwards to the deep inner stillness and silence by using certain breath techniques and mantras to help quieten the mind, release stress and increase vitality

Suggested-practice daily

Kriya & Meditation Set- When I learned more deeply and thoroughly about this part of the practice in India it was an absolute revelation to me and totally transformed my practice and launched me up to another level. The monthly kriya sets will tie in with the theme of the month and I would advise if at all possible to practice daily. There is no better way to start the day.

Suggested- practice 5-7 times per week

• Tutorial- will be a short session covering a certain asana or breathing technique (requested by my lovely yogis or selected by me). Learn the basics of downward dog to handstand and master the breath techniques that help us master the mind. In these sessions you will get tips that you may not pick up in a general class, plus feel free to email me any questions you may have.

Suggested- will vary each month but practice at least once

Deluxe Package Extra Sessions

Sattva Saturdays- Every second Saturday of the month join me on zoom 9.30am uk or 10.30am cet for a 90 minute fully integrated Sattva Flow Yoga practice following the theme of the month. If you can't make it LIVE recordings are available.

Health & Wellness Tip of the Month- Receive a pdf with the health and wellness tip of the month focused on supporting health with natural solutions, diet, exercise, breathing, meditation and other useful practices.


Recipe of the Month- Receive a pdf with an easy to follow delicious vegan recipe some will be savoury and some will be sweet ALL will be whole foods plant based recipes, incredibly nourishing and super yummy recipes.

Super Deluxe package extras-

dōTERRA Essential Oil Rollerball- receive a dōTERRA pure grade essential oils 5ml rollerball to enhance the practice and your overall wellbeing. The oils I work with are certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG). I have found these incredible oils a great asset to my practice and I find they not only enhance the experience of the practice but support me in all areas of life. The oil also comes with a 30 minute one to one wellness consultation with me, if you want it. In the consultation we can discuss your health goals and I can guide you with the tools to reach those goals through the various practices of yoga, essential oils natural solutions and other health tips.


Basic Package


Deluxe Package


Super Deluxe



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