Rachel Spain Yoga and Pilates

One to One Online Yoga Sessions

With the wonders of technology we can now practice together online!

If you are looking to start a regular self practice, need some help progressing your practice, have an injury you need to rehabilitate and work your practice around, are lacking in energy and motivation or simply just don't have the time to get to class, then book a session with me online!

How does it work?

We will have an email exchange to begin with, to talk through what you want to achieve from the sessions.

We can either, meet (online) for guided sessions or I can design a specific practice for you to do at home. For the self/ home practice we would have an initial session to run through the programme, then check in every few weeks to reflect, update and refine.

There is also the option to purchase a video of your unique session. I would record the full class for you to follow. So rather than having a written class plan, you have a video of me teaching your very own personalised class, available only to you via a private you tube link.

Sessions may include some pranayama (breath work), kriya (energy expansion) and meditation along with asanas (yoga postures) and stretches, depending on what your needs require. Pilates exercises may also be used for injury/rehabilitation. Sessions last for 30/45/60 minutes.

Sessions will take place via Zoom or Skype

How much does it cost?

30 minutes £30

45 minutes £40

60 minutes £45

Video £45

I teach a comprehensive type of yoga called Sattva Yoga. I have witnessed amazing positive changes in students and experienced incredible change in my own life due to this powerful and transformative practice.

The benefits are endless but here are a few-

Increased energy

Stronger and more flexible body

Eliminate back pain

Stronger, clearer, more flexible mind

Reduced stress, anxiety and depression

Stabilise and calm the nervous system

Lower high blood pressure

Improve digestion

Increased concentration

Release addiction

Release trauma

Ability to follow through and get things done

More confidence and self belief

A deep feeling of contentment with life, no longer feeling something is lacking.

Grateful heart

This is just my experience, there are many more benefits to this practice and the beauty of it is, every one has their own individual experience.

To discuss booking a session email here

Student testimonials

“I’ve been working with Rachel for over 10 years, she is the most amazing teacher in every way. When she moved to Ibiza and I moved to Essex I missed our sessions so much we started doing on skype... so good! It’s like Rachel is in your house teaching you... you can see all of the moves but in the comfort of your house. Rachel’s calm voice guides you through the practice and each session goes so fast! I wish I could start every day with a session!”


“Online sessions with Rachel have been a godsend when I am not able to get to a class regularly. It’s like having Rachel in your home teaching you. The instruction is so clear and intuitive. In each session Rachel caters the practice to suit whatever I need on that particular day. Couldn’t live without these sessions now!”


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