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Happy New Year

Happy New Year !

January 1st 2018

What a treat to spend Saturday afternoon with this lovely bunch of yoginis and my hubby Mike :-) Thank you to all that attended the chakra Balancing workshop at The Lab Spa…such smiley and positive souls were present. We danced through an invigorating vinyasa flow sequence, using breath and asana to re charge and balance the 7 main chakras. It was a super grounding, creative, transformative, compassionate, truthful, inward journey that got us all sweating, smiling and stretching the Christmas cobwebs away.
We also set our intentions/resolutions not just for the New Year but hopefully for life.
So happy to be able to bring lots more UK workshops in 2018….dates coming soon! 

 This is the time of year we are inclined to set ourselves intentions and resolutions. Thankfully in yoga we are continuously doing this, which enables us to maintain changes we want and set ourselves new challenges, so we progress, not just on the mat, but in our daily lives. I highly recommend cultivating a daily yoga practice ( if this is something you do not already have) to help you reach your goals and dreams. It may be an actual asana (yoga posture) you want to achieve and be able to bring into your practice, or maybe you want to manifest a good habit/quality or there could be something you need to let go of that has been holding you back on your journey. A daily practice will help you along the way with all of these intentions.
Here are some tips that I have found keep me on track with a daily discipline. 

~Set your intention and go for it but stay flexible… as your daily practice develops your perspective may change and thus so may the intention. Allow that change and go with it. 

~Be realistic and do not set yourself up for failure………Plan the length of practice to fit in with your daily life. Remember it doesn’t need to be 2 hours of asana every single day to count. 5/10 minutes of sitting in meditation will make a difference, a 15 minute stretch with breath focus or reading about yoga philosophy on the train is a huge part of the practice. Quite regularly I will chant whilst driving to work or to the shops. It all counts towards yoga practice. Do however , make sure you challenge yourself with longer sessions when possible. When you can’t get to a class, get online and practice with a teacher you love. There are so many amazing classes on you tube or yoga glo, we are spoilt for choice these days! 

~Have no expectations…….Some days you will come to your mat and the asana will flow and feel amazing and some days you feel stiff, tired and frustrated. Sometimes when you sit in meditation your mind won’t still and you will feel fidgety and other days you’ll feel like you could sit in a blissful state for hours. Accept every practice will feel different but the more consistent the commitment over a longer period of time the further you stretch your boundaries and develop. After 7 years of fairly regular practice I still have hugely frustrating sessions! It’s a life long journey or for most of us it will take few life times to reach enlightenment. Enjoy the process and try to stay passive through the eb and flow.

~Don’t give up……… If you are tired, injured, stressed or simply too busy there is always something you can do, as I said above, 5 mins of conscious breathing makes all the difference to your well being and this you can do anywhere. When I’m really struggling I get on the internet or into a book and find some inspiration to give me that kick start.

~Affirmationan and Mantra……….. A really powerful tool is to make your own personal affirmations or mantras. Keep them short and only positive words. You can repeat out loud or silently in your head. There are some examples below from our Chakra balancing workshop at the weekend. 

Hope all that helps. I would love to hear how you get on with your intentions and resolutions, hit reply to this email to update me. 

 My own personal Sankalpa will carry on into the new year with maximum focus on the first two Yamas (yoga ethics) Ahimsa (non violence) & Satya (truth) Not only through practicing/studying/teaching yoga but also by continuing to educate myself on veganism so that I become a more helpful and effective advocate for the vegan movement, which you may have noticed is slowly becoming more and more recognised all over the world. Since deepening my knowledge on veganism I’ve realised, nothing else has made me feel so passionate and motivated to make a difference in this world since I discovered yoga around 10 years ago. The two sit side by side and it will be my life mission to help others transform into this compassionate rewarding way of life. It is truly liberating.
What I have learnt over the last few months about the treatment of animals by humans, purely to satisfy their taste buds, fashion preferences and for their entertainment, is absolutely sickening. Every single one of us can make a difference and a change in this world. We can all help to ripple out love, compassion and peace on our planet. It starts within. Your thoughts, words and actions will have an effect on those around you. You may not see that effect immediately but when seeds are planted and nurtured though consistently setting example and showing dedication and passion, we can influence others in a positive way.
If veganism is already in your heart and you are interested in getting started then I encourage you to sign up for Veganuaruy. It’s not too late! Spend a month eating only vegan foods and educate yourself on the benefits of veganism for the innocent animals, the planet and your health. Just by signing up for 1 month (along with the other 130,000 people already registered) you will save innocent, helpless sentient beings from torturous lives and terrifying slaughters, you will help reduce the monumental damage being put on our beautiful planet and you will massively improve your health.
The Veganuary website has pages of information and support, plus thousands of delicious vegan recipes. 

I also plan to share helpful info ,tips, inspiration and recipes to help stay on the vegan track through my social media platforms and this newsletter. If you want to stay up to date please do follow me on Instagram (rachelspainyoga) and Facebook (Rachel Spain-Yoga and Pilates) for daily posts. 

 A couple of films I recommend you watch are “What the Health” and “Land of Hope and Glory” please check them out on the links below. Also find the link for Veganuary below.
I would love to know if you decide to take up the challenge and am here to help and support in any possible way I can. 

(sign up here) 


Land of Hope and Glory
(warning-the truth about British animal farming, quite distressing to watch but needs to be seen) 


What the Health
(the shocking truth about the effect of meat and dairy on our health) 


Thank you for all for your support in 2017 from staying in touch on social media to coming to classes, workshops and retreats in the Uk and Ibiza. I am so grateful to be able to teach yoga to so many inspiring people and will continue to study and practice with dedication and commitment so that I can share what I hope is helpful to you all. 

 I hope to see you on the mat in 2018 

 Happy New Year Everyone 

May all your dreams come true

 Warm wishes, love and light 

Rachel x 

 Lokah Samasth Sukhino Bhavantu 

May all beings everywhere be free from suffering. 

May all beings experience compassion and joy. 

May our thoughts, words and actions contribute to the ripple of peace, love and happiness on our beautiful planet.

Chakra Affirmations 🙏🏻 


I am present, I am strong, I am safe 


I allow myself to let go of past negative experiences that do not serve me. Now my creativity will flow 


I believe in myself and I have the power to transform negative energy into positive 


I live in balance in a state of gracefulness and gratitude 


I communicate my truth and listen to others clearly and compassionately

~Third Eye-Purple-Beyond the elements  

I trust my inner knowing to guide me through life 

~Crown-White-Beyond the elements  

I am at one with the universe

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