Rachel Spain Yoga and Pilates


  1. The Yamas

    05 Mar 2018
    The five Yamas are ethical behaviour restraints towards others. I have found them to be a great help on my personal yoga journey in understanding and dealing with life challenges and experiences.  Collectively the yamas form the first limb (or petal) from the “Eight Limbs of Yoga” in Patanjalis famous…

  2. Why I am grateful for my dairy allergy

    03 Feb 2018
    Around 8 years ago I was suffering from what ended up being self diagnosed sinusitis. One bout lasted for a solid two months. The constant “axe in my head” like headaches were so intense that it made me feel nauseous and completely exhausted.  At the time I was teaching 20…

  3. Happy New Year

    01 Jan 2018
    Happy New Year ! January 1st 2018 What a treat to spend Saturday afternoon with this lovely bunch of yoginis and my hubby Mike :-) Thank you to all that attended the chakra Balancing workshop at The Lab Spa…such smiley and positive souls were present. We danced through an invigorating…

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