Rachel Spain Yoga and Pilates


  1. Saucha and a September clear out for motivation.

    04 Sep 2015
    Saucha means cleanliness or to purify. Saucha is the first Ni Yama (second limb of yoga) described in Patanjalis Yoga Sutras.  I didn’t get on the mat yesterday because I practiced Saucha instead, that was my daily yoga. I woke up with this huge urge to start cleaning, clearing and…

  2. Rachel Spain Yoga Blog

    03 Sep 2015
    Welcome to my blog Here I will share with you my thoughts and experiences as I follow this vegan yoga journey I have been fortunate to have stumbled upon. Expect life experiences, information and inspiration relating to yoga , veganism, pilates, fitness and the occasional vegan recipe.  I live between…

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