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  1. Magic Medicine for colds, coughs and sore throats…

    31 Oct 2018

    As we hop in and out of Winter and the temperatures continue to ‘yoyo’ it’s perfect breeding time for the pesky common cold When I was back in London a couple of weeks ago everyone seemed to have a cold/cough/sore throat. The cold, as we know, is easily caught, especially…

  2. The Niyamas

    03 Apr 2018

    The Niyamas are 5 personal ethics that constitute the second limb of yoga from Patanjalis Eight Limbs of Yoga. A system he gives us to follow in order to reach a state of Yoga The eight limbs are the yamas, the niyamas, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi.  Whilst…

  3. Happy New Year

    01 Jan 2018

    Happy New Year ! January 1st 2018 What a treat to spend Saturday afternoon with this lovely bunch of yoginis and my hubby Mike :-) Thank you to all that attended the chakra Balancing workshop at The Lab Spa…such smiley and positive souls were present. We danced through an invigorating…

  4. Saucha and a September clear out for motivation.

    04 Sep 2015

    Saucha means cleanliness or to purify. Saucha is the first Ni Yama (second limb of yoga) described in Patanjalis Yoga Sutras.  I didn’t get on the mat yesterday because I practiced Saucha instead, that was my daily yoga. I woke up with this huge urge to start cleaning, clearing and…

  5. Rachel Spain Yoga Blog

    03 Sep 2015

    Welcome to my blog Here I will share with you my thoughts and experiences as I follow this vegan yoga journey I have been fortunate to have stumbled upon. Expect life experiences, information and inspiration relating to yoga , veganism, pilates, fitness and the occasional vegan recipe.  I live between…

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