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About Rachel

"My classes are fluid, flowing, challenging and with intention . Synchronizing movement with breath, I guide you though a dance of asana sequences to stretch & strengthen the body & mind, releasing physical & mental tension held from stress & worry. I aim to teach each individual to find their own inner teacher and not to rise to ego and force or strain beyond their current limits. Accepting where we are right now with the knowledge that change is constant and we must go with it, helps us find santosha (contentment) on the mat....in our lives.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”
Mahatma Gandhi 

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Rachel teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Pilates in London and Ibiza. Discovering the two disciplines in the early days of her professional dance career were invaluable so it seemed natural to go on to teach. 

Pilates classes focus profoundly on breath, flow, stability and posture. Rachel has the skills to teach to all different levels and abilities with a thorough anatomical knowledge that enables her to deal with all different types of injuries and health conditions. 

Yoga classes are fluid, flowing, strong and dynamic with a deep belief, trust and personal experience of the positive effects yoga can have physically, mentally and spiritually. Following the many teachings of Patanjalis yoga sutras, the ashtanga eight fold path, Iyengars precision alignment and Desikachar's spiritual influence (Krishnamacharya lineage) be prepared to breathe, flow, deepen concentration and focus, meditate, stretch,  strengthen, sweat, chant and challenge yourself, always with a sense of humour and always to inspiring uplifting music.

Rachel feels blessed to be on this amazing journey and is eternally grateful for all the teachers in her life. Continuing her studies is an essential and exciting part of her yoga practice. Rachel has and continues to study with Claire Missingham, Stewart Gilchrist, Annie Carpenter, Jivamukti (Sharon Gannon and David Life). Pilates Foundation.

“When the effort becomes effortless then you gain access to the infinite being within”
BKS Iyengar

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Teacher Training and Education

Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts.
Pilates Foundation.
Claire Missingham Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training.
Assistant and Mentor for Claire Missingham.
Morley College.


Yoga Alliance Vinyasa Flow TT -2010
Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology- 2008
Pilates Foundation teacher training -2006
Pelvic floor-Rachel Swindle
Injuries and healing
Connective Tissue- Gary Carter
Pre and post natal-Rachel Swindle,
First Aid
Pilates on the ball- Susanne Lauhsen
Scoliosis-Dominique Jansen
Injuries to the lower extremities
Lower back injuries- Suzanne Scott
Cardiovascular system- Gary Carter
Shoulder injuries- Suzanne Scott
Neck and upper limb injuries,
Pilates for the older client-Hana Jones
Seeing with your hands- Hana Jones
Psoas workshop – Liz Koch
Gym Instructor Award YMCA-2002
Indoor Cycling YMCA-2002
Exercise to Music RSA -1996

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