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A Veganahata Yoga Workshop

Spring is Coming!- Time to Reflect and Refresh

When-Sunday 10th March -2.00pm-5.00pm

Where-One Yoga London


Early Bird £40 (until February 8th)

Regular Price £45 

Received for your investment-

•75 minutes of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

•75 minutes of Yin Yoga

•Healthy and Delicious Vegan Snacks from Good Mood Food

•A Veganahata Goody Bag

Join Louise Wallis and Rachel Spain, the founders of Veganahata, for an afternoon of yoga that will encourage, inspire and prepare students for setting new intentions, making fresh starts and clearing out samskaras (habitual behaviors) as we head into the Spring months.

Spring naturally brings about a sense of new beginnings and hope, as we start to see the beautiful blossoms blooming on the trees and the days becoming lighter and longer. Spring is a poignant time for setting new intentions (sankalpa) and clearing out clutter, whether that manifests as material objects, mental attitudes or physical challenges. Let’s join together with open hearts to Let Go of that which does not serve us, allow in positive change and generate some “super yogi fueled” motivation and determination to spur us on our way. The practices of asana, pranayama, yoga philosophy and meditation included in this workshop are all powerful ways of breaking certain cycles and guiding us with strength, flexibility and reassurance on the path we have chosen for ourselves. 

And after two and half hours of yoga, the perfect recovery remedy....Plant Power! Veganahata are very pleased to offer some super healthy vegan snacks from Good Mood Food. The perfect way to replenish and satisfy our yogi bodies whilst leaving us feeling light and energised. 

Schedule for the Day

2.00-3.15pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga Rachel

3.15-4.30pm Yin Yoga Louise

4.30-5.00pm Vegan Snacks and Chats Good Mood Food

All levels of experience are welcome as adaptions and alternatives are always on offer

Equipment is supplied at One Yoga Studio

Book your space here


One Yoga London

15 Myddelton Road



N8 7PY


Traveling to Myddelton Road


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Veganahata presents

Ahimsa Yinyasa Yoga Workshop with Vegan Lunch & The Superpowers of a Plantbased Yoga Practice

Our first Veganahata event is a day of exploring the deep rooted connection between Yoga and Veganism.

We are super excited to hold our vegan yoga day at the award winning restaurant and venue Karamel in North London.

The day promises to be a treat for yogis, non yogis, vegans and non vegans alike.
All are welcome.

The morning will offer a well balanced yoga workshop themed on Ahimsa (compassion) The session will begin with some calming, grounding stretches and breathing exercises and build to an invigorating Vinyasa Flow dance on the mat, taught by Rachel. The session will move seamlessly into a calming deep Yin Yoga section taught by Louise.
The perfect balance of energising and relaxation to leave the yogi feeling grounded and revitalised.

This yoga workshop is open to all levels as adaptions/ alternatives will be offered and each individual is invited to practice at their own pace, listen to their body and rest whenever needed.

After all that nourishing yoga our appetites will be set for a delicious, nutritious vegan lunch of traditional indian daal and rice, prepared and served by the experienced and talented chefs at Karamel.

In the afternoon we have the pleasure of hosting some inspirational speakers from both the yoga and vegan world, including the super popular London based yoga teacher, Stewart Gilchrist who takes centre stage as our keynote speaker. Stewart is not only well known for his brilliant yoga classes but always brings a sense of humour and positive energy everywhere he goes.
Other speakers include our very own Louise Wallis (Yoga Teacher & founder of World Vegan Day), Jonathan Leighton (Author of The Battle for Compassion: Ethics in an Apathetic Universe), and Adam Biddle (Yoga Teacher & Social Media expert).

We would love you to join us for the whole day of yoga, lunch and talks but if you can't commit to the whole day then are options to join us for either, yoga and lunch only or the afternoon talks only.

Dates and Times

Saturday 22nd September



Ahimsa Yoga Workshop


Vegan Lunch





Full Day



Yoga and Lunch only



Afternoon talks only




Karamel Restaurant and Venue

Chocolate Factory 2

Coburg Road

Wood Green

London N22 6UJ


Map here-http://karamelrestaurant.com/contact/

Other Info

*Some mats will be provided but if you have your own we would be so grateful if you could bring it along.

*Please arrive by 9.30am so we can start on time with our Ahimsa Yoga Workshop at 9.45am

About Veganahata

Veganahata has been co founded by Rachel Spain and Louise Wallis, two vegan yoga teachers passionate about sharing the imperative connection between yoga and veganism.

Veganahata is a word blend of vegan and anahata (the sanskrit name for the heart chakra). 

 In yoga classes, the heart chakra is often referred to as our centre of compassion, love and joy. Within the well renowned and much studied, Yoga Sutras from Patanjali, we are given 8 limbs of yoga that guide us on a journey to the ultimate goal of yoga, enlightenment. The very first limb comprises the 5 Yamas, yoga ethics to be followed with regards to the way that we treat our fellow beings and the environment we share. The first yama is Ahimsa (non violence/ compassion) Fundamentally this is the very first step of our yoga path but is often overlooked as we mainly focus on Asana (yoga postures/ 3rd limb of yoga) especially in The West. Ahimsa can also be misunderstood, often interpreted as "to be compassionate to oneself" when in fact, many yoga texts and gurus clearly state that the yamas are related to the way we treat others including all animals. 

At Veganahata our quest is to spread the truth (satya) to other yogis and yoginis that may not have thought about Ahimsa or some of the other yoga teachings from this perspective. To guide them to the life changing and enhancing realisation that a vegan way of life, combined with yoga and meditation, is not only truly rewarding for the individual but also saves the lives of innocent animals and reduces the harm, we as humans, are inflicting on our beautiful planet.  

We will share these teachings through various events including, yoga workshops, day retreats, weekend retreats and week long retreats. The events will consist of yoga sessions, vegan food education, cooking classes, nutrition information, informative talks with Q&A's and importantly ongoing support and advice in living and advocating a vegan yogic way of life. 

More on Ahimsa and Satya

The five Yamas are ethical behaviour restraints towards others. I have found them to be a great help on my personal yoga journey in understanding and dealing with life challenges and experiences.
Collectively the yamas form the first limb (or petal) from the “Eight Limbs of Yoga” in Patanjalis famous and much studied Yoga Sutras.
They are followed by the
Niyamas (personal yoga ethics)
Asana (yoga postures)
Pranayama ( Breath control to direct prana/lifeforce)
Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses)
Dharana (concentration)
Dhyana (meditation)
Samadhi (oneness bliss state)

Ahimsa is non violence to all other beings and our environment.
Most human beings are kind people and would never want to physically harm another being and most likely believe that they are not. However if you buy and consume animal products then I believe this is supporting unnecessary violence and suffering to the most innocent beings on the planet.
Ahimsa is Compassion.
Showing compassion for others is not only a massive contribution to the ripple of happiness out into the world but also brings happiness back to ourselves.
It’s karma.

Satya is to be truthful and honest to others and as it is linked in so deeply with Ahimsa we practice, non violent truth. Meaning, if you think a truth you are about to say to someone may cause them harm or suffering you are probably better to say nothing at all. This can sometimes be a tricky task so we should use our ‘inner guru instinct’ to judge the situation and do what we believe to be best for that person with the intention of Ahimsa (non harming)
We should also be aware of hearing ‘clear’ truth from others so that we then continue to pass on that ‘clear’ truth. If you are un clear of what someone means do not be afraid to ask questions and verify the truth. A lot of unnecessary problems and harm come from not understanding what someone else is trying to communicate. Satya links directly with the throat chakra (vishuddi) our communication and truth centre. This is also a centre of purification. Expressing ourselves clearly and honestly whilst receiving clear communication, compassionately and with empathy is Satya.
When relating Satya to veganism, once we realise the truth of the suffering and violence inflicted on animals, that we have been brainwashed to ignore, then Ahimsa anchors in with Satya. Compassion and Truth.

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